On Bonaire all the seasons are equal. The whole year through we have the same temperature.
During the day it is around 86 degrees Fahrenheid (30 degrees Celsius) and at night it cools down to about 77 degrees Fahrenheid (25 degrees Celsius).
Almost the whole year we have a passatwind which makes it very pleasant to stay here.
On Bonaire it is almost always dry and when it rains they are mostly tropical rains, short and intense. Afterwards the sun always shines again. The rainy season is from half november till half januari.


Since 10-10-2010 on Bonaire we have one currency, the American Dollar. It is possible to withdraw money in the shops and there are lots of ATM’s on the island. The first ATM you will find is on the airport of Bonaire.


Despite the tropical climate vaccinations aren’t necessary for Bonaire. The health care is very good and there is a hospital on the island.

Drinking water

The tap water on Bonaire is of a very good quality. Without problems you can drink the water and it tastes outstanding.


The hygiene on the island in cafes, restaurants, terraces and public places are very good.


Vaccinations aren’t necessary to travel to Bonaire. But don’t forget you personal medication!


On Bonaire you have to be able to show your identification.


On this page you’ll find links to websites you might find helpfull / handy in your preparation for your stay on Bonaire.